Orasis is designed to perform in all kinds of circumstances and environments. The quality however of its results is directly related to the quality of the captured photograph, in which Orasis is applied. The following tips are intended to help you take better photos, as to enhance the quality of Orasis’ results.

The above photographs depict the same scene, in two different ways.

Photo A, is taken as to better depict indoor regions (which are naturally dimmer than outdoors). You can see that in photo A, the outdoor visual information is totally lost ("burned" in photographic terms, or "over-exposed"). These regions are totally white, and lack any information. There is no existing image processing software, or ever will be one, able to improve these image regions, by processing only one photo.
As a first rule of thumb, you should always try to minimize overexposed regions.

Photo B, is taken as to better depict the outdoor regions (much brighter than indoors). You may observe that in photo B, the indoor visual information seems to be lost in the darkness ("under-exposed" in photographic terms). However, contrary to the over-exposed regions, under-exposed regions have not totally lost their visual information. This visual information can be enhanced and become available to the observer, with Orasis.
As a second rule of thumb, you should always prefer under-exposed images to over-exposed ones.
To put it more simply, it is better to take a darker photograph, than a very bright one.

How can you adjust the exposure of photographs in your iPhone camera?

It is easy to adjust the exposure of your iPhone camera, by tapping on a specific region of the image. After tapping, a small white square target will appear on the region where you have tapped. If this region you are tapping is very bright, iPhone camera will make the whole image darker, in order to capture all its details. On the other hand, if the region you are tapping is dark, iPhone camera will make the whole image brighter, in order to capture all its available details.

How can you maximize the visual information in your images, by taking only one photo?

You can ensure that your photographs have maximum details, both in the bright and dark regions, by taking the following steps:


1. If there are very bright image regions, tap one of them. This way, you will minimize the over-exposed regions, and thus, any loss of visual information.

2. Capture the photograph by tapping on the camera button.

3. Orasis will automatically enhance the dark regions, while keeping intact the well-exposed ones. Keep in mind, however, that the visual information in the shadows can never be of the same quality as the ones found in an over-exposed image (see the 1st image of the triplet). On the other hand, the over-exposed image will loose all the information in the bright image regions. As you can understand, it is a trade-off, which you always have to take into consideration.