Orasis consistently has an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars across all countries in the AppStore! It was very difficult for us to chose among so many possitive reviews that we have received in the past years. Here are just a few of them.


"A Professional Image! This photo app digs into the shadows of an image and finds the colors there and presents an overall image that  remains perfectly exposed while showing the photographer all that is available in the image. Subtle, but important for a real pro."

Academy Award Winner

"This app on automatic does an amazing job of adjusting every photo I have tried it on. I would love to run my entire many-thousand photo collection through this app, but images go into the app one by one, so that is out, at least for now, although I must acknowledge that I have not made a serious attempt to find a convenient way to do it. Other auto adjusters that I have seen did not come close to matching Orasis's combination of effectiveness and subtlety -- the photos this app produced looked like what prompted me to take the photo in the first place."
Tsember - Oct 15, 2016, iTunes
"Surprisingly pleasing results nearly every time! I am not given to using hyperbole; nevertheless, I feel compelled to state that the output of this app is Revelatory! I expect to continue to process even photos that seem already excellent through Orasis. Unexpectedly, it has made some excellent photos even better."
Allrooj, Oct 13, 2016, iTunes

"I've tried a lot of apps that say they can quick fix dark photos, but Orasis delivers. I used the free version first (you should also), then purchased. If it didn't do what it said it would do, I wouldn't have purchased. Great job.

Noidzone, Aug 17, 2016, iTunes

"I'm not one to often write reviews, but this app deserves much praise for its ability to rescue photos from the infamous faces in too-dark foreground that even Apples HDR camera doesn't expose properly. Easy to use with just enough tweaking power when you want further adjustment."

Hiko303, Aug 11, 2016, iTunes

"I enjoy outdoor photography, especially landscape panoramas. Good exposure for both skies and ground is difficult, and many typical HDR apps create distasteful, artificially weird results. Not so with OrasisHD. Skies and earth look balanced, natural. Multi-shot HDR apps can also be nice if you are using a tripod and your subject is still. If you are doing hand-held photography, traveling light or dealing with motion, however, OrasisHD is a better choice."
Bluffwalker, Jul 18, 2016, iTunes
"It took only two pictures to make this app my favorite app! What a great difference compared with other cameras! Thanks so much!!"
Strongboy2, Jul 18, 2016, iTunes
"Overall this is a great image editing app, coming from a power user who has tested more than 500 photo & video apps and regularly using about 30. I'd really like to see this app become even better as an advanced photo editor, so here are my two cents ..."
AppGrabbing101, Jul 09, 2016, iTunes
"First time I've ever seen an app of this type! It is amazing how it corrects the photos automatically!"
BSMYERS, Mar 11, 2015, iTunes
"I love to get the best from my photos and this app gets the results you want first time. Thank you,a genuine helpful app that actually does what is says it does!"
Katskop, Mar 07, 2015, iTunes
"Takes any photo from your camera or photolibrary and magically analyzes it to produce a perfectly optimized copy for your review. You get a side-by-side comparison, with an option to save the new results back to your library if you're pleased. If you prefer you may also manually edit your photos with easy to use sliders for different color and shading effects. This is one app you will wonder how you ever lived without."
DblBogeyBoy, Sep 21, 2014, iTunes
"The iPhone's camera doesn't doesn't have the dynamic range of the human eye, so you often end up end up with two types of pictures: 1- correctly exposed for light areas with shadow areas completely blacked out, or 2 - correctly exposed for shadows with light areas totally blown out. There's no middle ground, and neither makes for a good image. I don't know how many times I've given up after taking and deleting multiple photos of a subject that alternated between #1 and #2. This app solves the problem."
Troxel, Jul 04, 2014, iTunes
"I'm usually very happy with the automatic effect. The results can look a little surreal at times, but much better than most tone-mapping, artificial HDR effects. And always better than the non-corrected image. In fact, I've found that tone mapping is very hard to apply manually without looking cartoonish or blowing out areas of the photo. The devs have found a way of applying a subtle tone map effect across a broad range of imaging conditions, automatically. Of course, the ability to adjust settings and compare with the automatic (and original) photos only makes this app better. Some other enhancements apps (Camera+ Clarity) do a good job too, but often have very limited options for adjusting the effect."
Rmg2768, May 14, 2014, iTunes
"A clever App! I tested it accurately against other similar programs and Orasis clearly gave the best results. The photos look more like in the real life, compensating for the camera limitations with regard to contrast, exposition and colors. Five stars, for me."
GKweb, Dec 08, 2013, iTunes



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